Corporate Values

Think Tank’s foundation is built on our core values: Innovation, Integrity and Commitment. {It’s what we do.}

We strive to demonstrate these values in all we do—our customer relationships, our hiring practices and our market outreach.  We look for these core values in each of the professionals we bring in to Think Tank because we understand that successful execution of these values is totally dependent upon our people.   

Innovation means that we strive to bring the latest proven technologies to our customer solutions.  It means that we encourage creativity and unconventional thinking in finding ways to serve.  It means we work with our customers to find ways around obstacles to ensure their goals are met.  It means we help our customers find the most efficient path to their goals by not accepting the status quo.

Integrity for us is broadly defined.  It extends beyond business ethics to our personal relationships.  It means that we explicitly ask ourselves whether a decision or action is ethical.  Making decisions and acting with integrity is not always the most convenient or profitable option.  But it is always the right option.  Every day.  

Commitment to our customers, partners and employees is demonstrated by how we adopt our customers’ missions as our own, how we care about our partners’ success as much as we do our own, and how we nurture our team to succeed in their personal and professional goals.  

Our core values can be easily summarized:  Do the right thing—always.