ProTech Fisheries

Contract No.: 1305M418DNFFK0003
Sponsor: Dept. of Commerce, NOAA
Program Ceiling: $3,000,000,000 (all ProTech domains combined)
Period of Performance: 09/30/2018 through 09/29/2023
NAICS: 541990

Team Think Tank builds on Think Tank’s trusted partnership and knowledge of NOAA with a very strong team that can respond to all of NOAA Fisheries’ needs. ProTech Fisheries Team Think Tank unites unique skills of niche companies with extensive reach-back from large specialized businesses. Our team includes large architecture and engineering firms that have placed themselves at the forefront of studying and responsibly managing sea life. To provide NOAA solid support for every one of the requirements stipulated in the statement of work, Team Think Tank also includes smaller companies specializing in niche areas, such as fisheries economics, fisheries and ocean sciences, fisheries management, and fishing boat repair facilities and fishing boat captains. 

The combined strength of ProTech Fisheries Team Think Tank includes more than 3,000 scientists, of which nearly a thousand are marine biologists, with about 100 environmental science trainers, 100 environmental planners and economists, hundreds of program and project managers, and boat captains and boat-repair staff.

Team Think Tank experience spans all NOAA Fisheries regional offices and science centers, and many of the field offices and laboratories. We support Fisheries operations in approximately 85 countries. Our team has multiple team partners for each Statement of Work (SOW) item, most with industry-leading methodologies, some with world-leading experts in their fields. For each task order proposal response (TOPR), we will bring together the relevant partners and experts to prepare a world-class solution to perform proven methodologies with experienced staff.