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Scientific & Technical

Think Tank provides innovative technology solutions and platforms for mission-agnostic data collection and analysis that deliver the environmental intelligence necessary to make responsible decisions for the people and the planet.


Emerging Technologies

  • mission-agnostic technology platforms
  • Autonomous Surface Vehicles (ASV)
  • Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV)
  • NextGen sensors
  • Edge AI / ML
  • Edge computing

Data Services

  • collection and surveys
  • calibration, validation, verification
  • ingest, store, archive, libraries
  • databases, management
  • compatibility, interfaces, integration
  • dissemination, distribution
  • formats
  • R2O, O2R
  • stewardship
  • quality assurance & quality control


  • historical trending
  • forecasting
  • environmental monitoring
  • complex statistical analysis
  • complex economic analysis
  • GIS analysis
  • calibration, validation, verification
  • data analysis and display
  • R2O, O2R
  • stewardship
  • quality assurance & quality control


  • subject matter expertise
  • enterprise databases and tools
  • enterprise allocation, identification
  • enterprise management
  • enterprise systems
  • enterprise traceability
  • enterprise verification
  • user applications, data, products

Program/Project Management

  • statutory, regulatory recommendations
  • strategic planning
  • policy development,
  • project and program planning
  • congressional affairs
  • budget planning
  • economic policy
  • environmental impact statements
  • ESA section 7, MSA, MMPA, NEPA support
  • social, cultural impact assessment


  • meetings, conferences, workshops
  • training and facilitation services
  • education and outreach
  • multimedia dissemination
  • complex economic analysis
  • coordinate with tribal, non-government

Contract Vehicle

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

Professional, Scientific and Technical Serivces (ProTech) Fisheries

Our trusted team includes small and large companies that are leaders and innovators in their fields. Team Think Tank has all the capabilities to successfully deliver on all the requirements and in all the regions as provided in the PWS and subsequent Task Orders. Team Think Tank provides NOAA the depth and breadth of experience and expertise for mission success.

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